Junk Art

Junk Art is a fun, dexterity board game by Pretzel Games for 2-6 players where players stack “junk” to earn the most points. The game starts by providing each player with a base block to build on, shuffling the city cards, and drawing three or more City cards for the rounds. During the game players will use the colored, wooden “junk” pieces to build up the structure. Structures must start on a base block and cannot touch the table. Once a piece is placed on the structure, it can only be moved by pushing it with the new piece being added to the structure.

The city cards are used to determine the rules for a round. These rules range from games where players build their own tower simultaneously and race to see who can complete it the fastest to turn-based tower building. Players are often rewarded with points for building the tallest structure. The rules also are a mix between building your own structure or all players building the same structure.

When building, the piece you must place is usually determined by the junk art card. Junk art cards are sometimes dealt in a stack and played in that order. Sometimes you pass or play the cards to force another player to stack that piece. Other times the junk art cards use a trick taking mechanism, similar to Spades or Hearts, where the player that takes the trick gets to divvy out the pieces between players.

The game also includes a tape measure to determine the tallest structure, three city cards for your own rules, and a few junk art cards with one city card (Nashville) that incorporates components from Pretzel Games other game Flick ’em Up.

Junk Art is an amazing game that combines great components with a variety of play styles to keep the game fun and fresh.


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